Rancho Tajiguas

Title: Rancho Tajiguas Bank Stabilization

Goals: Improve stream bank stability and riparian cover

Funders: California Department of Fish and Game, Landowner

Partners: California Department of Fish and Game, California Conservation Corps, Michael Love and Associates, VJS Biological Consulting, Shaw Contracting



The Rancho Tajiguas Bank Stabilization Project was part of the larger barrier removal efforts that took place in 2011 in the Tajiguas Watershed. It involved the removal of a large pipe revetment structure from the stream bank and replacement with a bio-engineered method of bank stabilization known as a willow wattle fence. The fence is made of live willow poles that have been striped of all their leaves and branches. Support poles are inserted deep into the soil roughly 4-6 feet deep and then willow poles are woven in and out of the support poles to create the fence. These willow poles will root into the surrounding soil and sprout new leaves to create a living fence. Four willow fences were built at this site, going up the bank to create a series of terraces and provide a stable grade along the bank. The roots of the willow trees will further stabilize the bank at this site. Additional bank stabilization methods were used as part of the Tajiguas project including a willow wattle mattress for more information on these techniques please feel free to contact us.


The project was funded by the Department of Fish and Games Fisheries Restoration Grant Program as well as by the property owner. Stabilizing the bank has decreased sediment inputs to the Tajiguas Watershed at this site.