Bank Stabilization

Bank Stabilization Projects

Projects that aim to restore stream bank stability, and improve water quality, steelhead habitat, and riparian canopy cover through a variety of biotechnical methods.

The Cate School Bank Stabilization Project aimed to improve steelhead habitat, water quality, and streambank conditions in the Carpinteria Creek watershed at private property owned by the Cate School Corporation in Santa Barbara County while acting as a demonstration project which can be shared with the agricultural community to help improve creek conditions in the region. This was accomplished by stabilizing the section of creek through the implementation of biotechnical bank stabilization measures.


Tajiguas Bank Stabilization Project involved the removal of a large pipe revetment structure from the stream bank and replacement with a bio-engineered method of bank stabilization known as a willow wattle fence. The fence is made of live willow poles that have been striped of all their leaves and branches. The willow poles will root into the surrounding soil further stabilize the bank at this site. Additional bank stabilization methods were used as part of the Tajiguas project including a willow wattle mattress for more information on these techniques please feel free to contact us.