South Coast Habitat Restoration is a local non-profit organization based in Carpinteria that is dedicated to environmental stewardship and habitat enhancement.  We emphasize steelhead trout recovery through a variety of watershed restoration projects throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Our mission is to protect, and restore habitat as well as native biodiversity throughout the Santa Barbara and Ventura area. This is accomplished through the management and implementation of restoration projects as well as public outreach events.  We strive for positive partnerships with the private property owners, local governments, wildlife agencies, and other community groups to accomplish our goals.

Mission Statement:  The mission of South Coast Habitat Restoration is to protect, conserve, and restore the various habitats and native biodiversity of the Santa Barbara and Ventura areas.

Our work involves implementing habitat restoration projects, outreach to community members and landowners in our watersheds, as well as chairing the Carpinteria Creek Watershed Coalition.


Mauricio Gomez – Director – contact

Project Manager – Jason White – contact